Boys swim team takes third against out of conference schools

On Saturday Sept. 24 the boys swim team took third at the Zumwalt West Invitational meet defeating all teams in its conference. The team was beaten by two unfamiliar high schools, Parkway Central and CBC.

“Seeing how Parkway and CBC swam showed the team competition we aren’t used to,” senior Andrew Smith said. “The swimmers showed us what kind of motivation we need to prepare for State.”

As the season advances, the team continues to make personal records and beat past rivals.

“I out swam senior Patrick Fountain from Howell North in the breast stroke. He was my main competition last conference and I exceeded his time by 1:04 minutes,” Smith said.

At the Zumwalt tri-meet the team continued to develop its skills. Junior Brendan Brause performed a triple front flip and double back twist dive, two dives he had never practiced.

“Brendan was extremely ambitious with his dives,” Smith said. “He attempted both dives without any previous practice and although he did not beat the other divers who were familiar with the form, it shows the team’s willingness to try new things.”