Ready to Dive in

The smell of chlorine is now entering the houses of many members of the girls swim and dive team. With the first practice of the season starting off on Monday, Sept. 12, the team is looking forward to the start of the season. The arrival of 32 swimmers and four divers is giving the team a good outlook on the upcoming season.

“There are a lot of girls who are really excited about the season,because they are doing so well,” said sophomore Jaycee Blatell.

For the new swimmers like Blatell, they are coming onto a team that has bonded great throughout the years, according to sophomore Luta Young. Only one senior left the team last year and the number of veterans on the team is overwhelming. Last year, the team had one member make it to GAC’s for the team and lost a rivalry match to Francis Howell High.

“With all of the new girls on the team I think that we will be able to beat some of the tougher schools that we lost to like Francis Howell,” said Young.

Seniors Natalie Kinzer, Emily Ortinau, and Alison Strickler are all looking to come out on top in their last season swimming for FHC and have their best year yet, however with the number of lanes the girls have to work with they will not get as much time in the water. This is a tradeoff they have to make though to give everyone on their team a chance to get the experience they need to have a good year. That does not stop them from improving every chance they have though, they make sure to take advantage of the time they have in the water.

“Most of the girls are veteran swimmers and I am anticipating a great year, with all the hard work they are putting in so far,” said Coach Jessica Nettles.

The team still has a while to go until their first meet of the season but they will be practicing to start their season off with a win against the Fort Zumwalt West Jaguars on Mon. Dec. 5.