Confusion leads to wrong line up

Tuesday night the team faced Lutheran and Christian high school, along with St. Dominic. In the meet on Tuesday the team received a roster from a sub secretary from Lutheran St. Charles. This roster consisted of eight swimmers from Lutheran and not the other twelve that would be competing from Christian High School. This caused coach Jessica Nettles to set up a roster that was not as strong as what they had actually needed.

“Had I known that they were going to show up with 18 instead I would have made our lineup a little more stacked, because I put some girls in who hadn’t gotten to swim as much this year,” said Nettles.

The team ended up losing to Lutheran 133 to 123 but beat Saint Dominic 123 to 58. The team lost to Lutheran in the last two events of the meet. The move that Lutheran and Christian High School made was a legal move. According to FHC Athletics Director Scott Harris this is called a co-op. If a school co-ops it is usually because they are a relatively new team.

“In the case of Lutheran High School this is their first year swimming so they decided to co-op with Christian High School,” said Harris.

All of the girls on the team swam in the meet on Wednesday and some were put in positions that they haven’t swam in before. The coaches are still trying to figure out where the swimmers’ best fits are. For FHC, they feel that the best way to do that is put girls in during meets and see how they compete in the new positions.

“For us, we really just want to see where the younger girls can compete in and can they swim in different positions than they are used to,” said Nettles.

With five events left until GAC’s the girls should begin to find their rhythm and start dropping time. The team is expecting to have a high placing this year in GAC’s.

“If we practice hard in the next couple of weeks we can do pretty well,” said sophomore Katherine Wolf.

Next week, the team is going to be entering what is called a tapering time, which is when the girls actually swim less in practice and get ready for GAC’s. This will help them stay focused and stay energized in the days leading up to the tournament. The team will look to pick up a tough, but much needed win when they face off against St. Charles High School on the 21st.