Girls Tennis Anticipates for Ranking Results

With sweat beading on tan skin and tennis rackets swinging aggressively in the air, the girls tennis team continues to battle against each other on Aug. 24 and 27 to determine their specific rank for the tennis season. After their match this Tuesday, the rankings will be revealed just in time before their first home game on Aug. 29.

Junior Rachel Bohrer, a vital player for the varsity team, is competing for a higher rank and is ecstatic with the opportunity to play on varsity and reach her goals.

“I feel blessed! It’s always been one of my goals to be a top varsity player,” said Bohrer. “I think I performed well! I was playing a very good opponent, and we both tried our hardest! I am aiming to rank #2 on the team.”

Adrenaline continued to pulse as the drive to succeed caused junior Andrea Kohrs to win her match 6-1 on Saturday. Unlike her other games last season, Kohrs controlled her nerves and was fearless while competing against her teammates.

“I had a lot of confidence while playing and was determined to get a good ranking,” said Kohrs, “I wasn’t nervous at all and I just tried my best to succeed.”