The Score is Just a Number

The girls tennis team played their first game against Howell High On Sept. 3 with determined faces and uplifting attitudes. Howell High is one of their toughest competitors, causing the spartans to lose 0-9. Even though the lady spartans were defeated, Assistant Coach Scott Wilson believes that their first game does not reflect their outcome for the season and that the team was very successful.

“This is our first match against one of the hardest teams we will ever face and in light of that I think we have done really well,” said Mr. Wilson. “It’s not just about the score; if its about the score, we didn’t do well, but if its about putting confidence in our players then we had some success there.”

Although the team had a difficult loss, teammates like junior Elise Thomas continue to stay optimistic and look at the defeat as a chance to encourage each other and work harder.

“We work really hard and I feel that we can always help and bring each other up no matter what, and that helps us become a stronger team,” said Thomas.

While recognizing their defeat, the team looks at their loss as a way to learn and improve their performance as a team. Junior Samantha Nardi expects that their defeat will instead cause them to boost their game performance.

“I expect that we will do good at our next game because we learned from the mistakes that we made today,” said Nardi.