Softball Players Hit Hard in First Games of the Season

The softball players have given it their all during each of the their first few games of the season. JV’s first games were in a tournament over Labor Day weekend, where they beat Timberland 11-0 and Hazelwood Central 22-0.

Varsity also defeated Timberland on Sept 3 with a score of 3-1. All teams have many more games to come.

“Before a game, I just try to get pumped up and tell myself that both teams have an equal chance of winning,” said freshman Meghan Schaefer, catcher for the JV team.

The freshman team has already played Howell, making the game one of the biggest in the season for them. Even though the score wasn’t in FHC’s favor, the girls played hard and showed Howell what they can do.

“I was nervous at first, but I guess that’s just because it was our first game,” said freshman Clara Higgenbotham, a player on the freshman team. “I knew that either team could win, but in the end, it’s what team played the hardest and had the most fun doing it.”

JV’s biggest games are Timberland and, of course, Howell. They lost to Timberland with a score of 9-8, but will play them again later in the season. They have yet to take on Howell.

Sophomore Danielle Seeley, a JV player, comments on playing Howell.

“I know our team can do this. We’re pretty awesome,” said Seeley.

For any of those interested in following the FHC softball players should check out Coach Cissel’s Twitter page, @FHCSoftball, Coach Pearson’s page, @FHCJVSoftball, and FHC’s activities director, Mr. Scott Harris on @FHCAD, for information about practices and game updates.