Varsity softball takes second

Varsity softball took second place in the FHC Invitational on Saturday, Sept. 21. They played four games and won three of them with ease, but the last game, against Howell North, was a challenge for them. FHC was up 6-5. Unfortunately, Howell North managed to hit and score, putting them in the lead to eventually win the game.

“The score kept going back and forth. We were in the lead, then they would score, then we would score, and so on,” said senior Kim Kirkman, an outfielder on varsity.

“I was kind of anxious. We had a little trouble keeping defense up. It was because of our attitudes. We just wanted to win so badly,” said varsity player senior Jessica Sherbno.

Even though varsity was defeated at the last game, they conquered over the other teams in the three others. Kirkman and teammate, senior Abigail Bonner agree on Hazelwood Central, being their best game. FHC defeated Hazelwood Central by a whopping 12 points, with a score of 14-2.

“It was a fun game. But we couldn’t get too full of ourselves.” said Kirkman.

Besides the loss, varsity players felt they did good otherwise. According to Sherbno, the team played well together, being a team with many first-time varsity players. They learned and improved from their mistakes and did a great job in the tournament overall.

“I think this tournament was a good learning experience to show we should improve from our mistakes,” said Kirkman. “Overall, I think this team did a really good job.”