Seasonal salvation


To gear up for the holiday months, NHS is partnering with The Salvation Army to help the surrounding community of FHC. NHS members will be participating as bell ringers in The Red Kettle Christmas Campaign and working at The Salvation Army’s Can Festival.

Volunteers in The Salvation Army are the embodiment of the organization’s goal to “Do The Most Good,” and they are the way through which The Salvation Army succeeds in their mission to feed, to clothe, to comfort, and to care for all.

The most abundant volunteers, the bell ringers, double as the most important source of donation, especially during the holiday season. They are the foot soldiers of the army, standing outside regardless of the weather, waving the bell beside the red bucket that has become the symbol of The Salvation Army.

This will not be the first time that NHS members have marched with the army of volunteers. Volunteering to stand beside the red bucket has become an annual occurrence that members participate in.

“A year or two ago, I was a bell ringer around Christmas time. My mother is a third grade teacher at Warren Elementary, and she had the idea of taking her class to Schnucks to bell ring for The Salvation Army. It was really fun. We sang Christmas carols. It felt great to help less people in need during the holiday season,” said junior Abbie Kaplan.

NHS will also be participating for the first time in The Salvation Army’s Can Festival on Dec. 7 at the Mid Rivers 14 Wehrenberg Theatre. During the festival, people from the surrounding area can come and donate various canned foods which will then be distributed to the less fortunate. NHS members will be organizing and packing the received can goods for storage and distribution.

“I had, in the past, participated in the Can Festival with my family. I am happy that NHS will be participating in it this year because it is such a great way to help the people in our community,” said senior, treasurer Erica Swanson.

Those who are interested in volunteering through The Salvation Army as a bell ringer or participating in the Can Festival can find information at