Becoming a family

Rough start to the season, boys varsity team tries to bounce back from a series of losses


Emily Wolfe

Gino Buffa throws the ball back into play at Troy’s game on September 17th. the team has been having issues connecting recently, but they hope they can come back from their recent losing streak.

After a rough start to the season with a losing streak of 3-7, the boys varsity soccer team hopes to turn their luck around as quickly as possible. To sophomore Luck Cummings the team began the season off to a good start.

“We started off really strong. We were 3 and 0, we played some good teams and then we played some really difficult teams,” said Cummings.

While many of their games have been against some of the most challenging teams in the area, the team has given there all out on the field. Even though the team is in a slump, they are working very hard to come back from their losses.To junior Gino Buffa, the team still has to work on their team connection in order to reach their full potential.

“I feel like we all have a lot of talent but right now were just not really working well together,” said Buffa.

Senior Allen Butterfield feels that the team is having a difficult time overcoming adversity.

Everyone on the team is very different so were learning how to trust the players on and off the field,” said Butterfield. 

Cummings agrees with both of Buffa’s and Butterfield’s opinions on what the team needs to improve on, as well as the teams need to work on communication.

“We lost some seniors last year that were very big leaders and we’re just trying to find that balance of chemistry, and ensure that communication and speed of play is put out on the field,” said Cummings.

Another thing the team has been working on this season is character development off of the field, which has in turn transferred onto the field during the team’s games. By teaching the players about character development, the boys are being able to trust each other more on the field than ever before.

“Our coach, Beckmann, has done character development this year like off of the field, which has actually helped a lot with the team,” said Butterfield.

The team has also been learning to understand that they are not just a team but that they are also a family, and that they have each others backs at all times. After having high hopes for their season, the team is still working very hard to make their comeback. The players hope that by growing their character, they will benefit their game in the long run as well as overcoming the adversity the team faces. Sophomore Cummings believes that at the end of the day what seperates a win from a loss is how hard the players really worked for it.

“We’re really working hard to get out of this dip and it really comes down to us just showing effort, wanting to play, and showing up ready to play,” said Cummings.

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