A Frantic Fall Break

Fall Break proves to be eventful for the Spartan Regiment.


Provided by Lesa Haarmann

The Spartan Regiment performs at Bands of America on Friday, Oct.18.

While most FHC students were on vacation or sleeping in, the Francis Howell Central Spartan Regiment was hard at work. The band had four performances over the course of only two days which consisted of a football game, the Bands of America Super Regionals, and the Mizzou Champions of Champions Prelims and Finals. Through hard work and sweat, the band pushed through all of their performances over the two day period.

On Friday, Oct. 18, the band performed at the Bands of America at the Dome at America’s Center in downtown St. Louis. Their fellow performers consisted of 65-70 other bands from across the Midwest. Despite the intimidation, many band members feel as though the performance went very well. Junior Marissa Seguinot explains her opinion on the Spartan Regiment’s performance.

“I honestly think that that performance was really solid,” Seguinot said. “It was one of my favorites so far and everyone I talked to about it felt that it was pretty good.” 

After the performance, the band returned back to school and performed at the senior night football game. Still overjoyed as a result of their previous performance, the band felt pride and accomplishment at the game even though they had to say goodbye to their seniors. 

“It was bittersweet because my four closest friends are seniors and that meant it was the last football game I’ll ever perform with them, but it was also fun while it lasted,” Junior Alex Done said. 

          The next day, Saturday, Oct. 19, the Spartan Regiment competed at Mizzou against 20 other bands. Despite not placing in their class during prelims, the band was one of eight selected to perform again in the finals. 

This time we were going hard! We wanted to show them who we were and show them that we are confident, focused, and ready! We performed our show for finals and we were all proud of what we just put out there, we were smiling and so proud.”

— Alex Done

After a busy and eventful weekend, the band is reflecting on their performances and preparing to finish off the season soon.  Junior Katie Linke recalls the exhaustion the band felt after the busy weekend. 

“Everyone was pretty tired after the whole weekend,” Linke said. “But we worked hard and had fun and I think it showed in our performances.”