Before the performance

On the Monday of show week, Francis Howell Central Spotlight Players practiced for their show with a dress rehearsal. This practicing and dedication shines through to their performance yesterday, and will hopefully be seen for the last two shows they have.


Faith Carter

The intricacies of the show can be seen through the technical elements that the actors use. These props make the show much more physical and real as they add to the illusion of a real event.

On a stage filled with tension and argument, the actors of 12 Angry Jurors performed for their first ever dress rehearsal on Nov. 4. Dress rehearsals are vital for ensuring that the show can be performed with timeliness and accuracy. For many actors, this is their last chance to fix or adjust anything as the show is Thursday of the same week. This also is the first time actors are in full costume and makeup, so this allows for any issues with the attire and makeup to be fixed the following days. Currently, with one show night down, the cast and crews are excited to finally be able to perform for an audience.

“I really want people to take away the message of the show. Even though the show was written 50 years ago, it still applies today. And last night, I had some very close family friends in the audience. I was really excited to share my old lady character with them.” said sophomore and actress Jenna Woelfel. “This show is amazing, and all of the actors and actresses are fantastic. The actors worked really hard on their characters and their line memorization, and all of the production staff and directors are amazing. It’s an all around amazing show.”

Francis Howell Central Spotlight Players will be performing 12 Angry Jurors tonight and tomorrow night at 7:00.