Unscripted performance

Improv Central debuts their first ever fall show Nov. 22.


Faith Carter

Each game in improv allows for the actors and actresses to better their reaction time and on-the-spot thinking. Many games end up shouts and laughter as the actors on stage cannot hold back their laughter. Not only is improv entertaining for the audience, but for the fellow actors and actresses as well.

Abundant laughter spilled from the mouths of audience members as the actors and actresses of Improv Central ran around on stage, rubber chicken squeaking in the chaos. On Nov. 22, Improv Central presented their first ever fall show called Friday Night Live. Unlike most pieces that grace a theater stage, improv shows rely on an actor or actress’ ability to think on the fly. Only knowledgeable of the games that will be played during the show, the actors and actresses must create and perform spur of the moment characters with ease and a sense of humor.

“I believe improv is a skill that any actor or actress needs to have under his or her belt because you never know what will happen on stage,” performer Kaylee Wright said. “The better you are at it, the better performer you will be.”

Improv Central meets nearly every Wednesday during PLC time after school. The Improv Intensive team will be facing off against other schools in a state-wide competition at the Missouri Thespian Conference in January. Improv Central is also looking forwards to their spring show, but have not decided on a date yet.