Building up and Slamming Down

Girls wrestling goes through one of their last practices before their first meet on Friday Dec 6.

Practicing new moves and strategies, the Francis Howell girls wrestling team prepares after school for their upcoming meet on Friday, Dec. 6. Following warm-ups, the team practices new moves in teams of two, increasing their roster of options to bring about a victory within a match. The students then practiced one-on-one against each other through live training, using the moves in a match situation while the coaches look on and provide valuable feedback that would aid them in their upcoming competition.

“We do a lot of drills. We do them to a partner, but you also have them done to you, that way you know how to counter them,” sophomore Kennedy Eggering says, “Then, we live wrestle at the end of practice.”

The team will be competing on Friday, Dec. 6 at Fox High School and will move on to compete again at Fox on Dec. 7, the following day.