Activity Festivities

Spreading holiday traditions contributes to a joyous and celebratory season


Kayla Reyes

Mrs Crain receives money from junior Rhyen Standridge as a part of the Winter Love Collection through the language department. The money raised was used for making the holiday season enjoyable for students.

Green and red streamers hang from the photo booth. The Grinch and Santa Claus decorations crowd the tables. Lights twinkle from the ceiling, complementing the colors splattered around the room. Christmas music blares from the speakers as the people dressed in suits and dresses make their way to the dance floor. Students mingle with the members of Club 21 as they dance and sing the night away, celebrating the joyous season together. 

Various clubs use the holiday season as a chance to express their unique celebrations and show their holiday pride. Student Council is a perfect example of a club that attempts to embody the main component of Christmas in their celebrations: giving to others. TheClub 21 Dance, organized by Student Council, is recognized by all involved as a special night. Senior and Student Council vice president Sydney Aleksick shares more about this event. 

“It’s really fun and nice to be able to give back to students at our school.”

— Caitlin Crain

“We set up a special needs dance called Club 21 Dance and we make all the Christmas decorations and we dance with them. It’s so fun and we get to take pictures with Santa which is really cool,” Aleksick shared.

While celebrating among the members of Club 21 is a wonderful way to spend time and spread Christmas cheer, Student Council also attempts to make all those financially struggling feel this joy as well. Charity is at the heart of their holiday season as they also organize fundraisers and drives for less fortunate kids. 

“For Student Council we do a toy drive to give toys to people that don’t have them.,  We usually pair up with another club because I know that a lot of clubs do charity drives,” Aleksick stated.

This holiday is not only celebrated in America, but all around the globe by all different cultures and people. Learning about various countries and how they celebrate is an idea that Central International encompasses during this time. Winter seasons also provide great opportunities to sit around with friends and eat all the Christmas desserts possible. Spanish teacher Caitlin Crain attempts to blend both of these ideas by taking the festivities worldwide as she leads Central International in a cookie contest.

“We do a holiday winter cookie exchange where we pick countries and basically find cookies from all these countries around the world. People bake them, and we eat great cookies from all over the globe,” Ms. Crain exclaimed.

The giving is not limited to only the clubs of the world language department, but the classes in general. Each year, the entire department conducts a donation process where they encourage students in their classes to bring in money for the Winter Love collection. 

“We raise money for students at Central that are in need during the holiday season. This year we raised $3,000 for 12 students at Central. It’s really fun and nice to be able to give back to students at our school,” Ms. Crain stated. 

The theater department also believes that Christmas is a great time to celebrate with your peers and engage in jovial events. Senior troupe president Josiah Haan strives to always bring excitement to this holiday season. 

“We have a holiday party where the officers do something fun, but it’s a secret. We do Secret Santa, white elephant, and everyone brings food so it’s a big potluck. We also have music and a photo booth. So it’s a legit party,” Haan said.

Everyone is invited to this gathering, but no one knows what to expect. The officers and other members involved tend to change the festivities each year to keep the excitement alive. The theater group, never missing an opportunity to perform, partakes in their Christmas festivities on the stage they know so well. Senior Isaiah Henry, the troupe’s vice president, shares about using props to create a celebratory mood. 

“We have Santa Claus come with reindeer and elves, and we set up a tree and a fake fire on the stage,” Henry shared.

The only acceptable way for the students of theater to commemorate this time of the year is by celebrating with their people on the stage where they do what they love. However, the theater is not the only club that expresses their love for the arts. Choir also celebrates similarly to theater. Rita Schien, a member of the choir, shares what exactly these similarities entail. 

“Every year we do a holiday party where we play games, sing karaoke, and eat food. Chamber choir has a secret santa, a potluck, and we play games and just hang out,” Schien shared.