Trump acquitted

Two articles of impeachment fail after trial, party line vote


Grace Roberts

President Trump delivering a speech in St. Charles in March of 2018.

Impeachment begins in the House of Representatives where the representatives hold a vote in a committee called the House Judiciary Committee on whether or not to approve the articles of impeachment.

In order to continue the impeachment process a 51% majority vote is required. If the Committee votes with majority, the vote goes to the floor, where the entire House debates and  votes on the impeachment. If a 51 percent majority is reached in the House, the Articles of Impeachment are sent to the Senate.

The Senate writes a bill of indicment, and informs the president that they have been impeached.

Following this process, the Senate jury from the trial deliberates on the trial, then the entire Senate holds a vote. If 67 percent of the Senate passes the vote, the President is removed.