Swinging to Greatness


Maya Culian

Junior Chloe Schwab, hitting the ball.

Playing your rival school is never an easy task. On Wednesday, Sept. 9 the Girls Varsity Tennis team had a match against their rival school, Howell High School, the match ended with a final score of 0-9. Even with the loss that did not take away their determination and motivation as their team mate Clara Kilen said.


“We tried our best, but at the end of the day we lost. Despite losing, we were not discouraged, and we performed to our best abilities,” Kilen said. “We also try our best to not let our losses frustrate us, but rather take them and learn from them.” 


With this mindset, the team was able to learn from those defeats and rise above to be stronger than before. You can see them play next for the Class 3 Districts 3 Tournament Oct. 5-9.