Band COVID-19 Restrictions


Hannah Bernard

The drum line at Howell preview, One of the only band events this year.

With the new COVID restrictions, the marching band has been hit particularly hard. With an almost cancelled season, reduced practices, no competitions, and very few performances, the marching band has had to adapt.

Usually, the marching band has practice 5 days a week. However this year the Marching band has practice three days a week.

Senior Savannah Carbutt says “I’d say that the most rewarding part of band was just getting a season. A lot of programs in our area didn’t get to do anything close to what we did because of their guidelines and I’m just extremely grateful that I got my senior season”

Many of the players are just glad they can play this season. Finding a new normalcy this season is tricky.

Junior Alayna Benz reflects “This season, we haven’t been able to do traditional performances like competitions, but the directors have worked endlessly to set us up with new performances almost every week so we can have a season as close to normal as possible.”

In order to maintain the band, the coaches have scheduled mini performances for the band.

Benz coniutes “…we had a performance for our last practice where we covered ourselves with glow sticks and performed a small chunk of the show with the field lights off. It was the first time we have ever done it and it was really fun to try something new and be a bit creative with the glowsticks.”

The summer band camp was also shortened.

Drum Major Katie Koziatek comments “Every summer we do band camp for two weeks, eight hours every day, so we can prepare for the season. This year however, we only did four hours in the morning.”

The marching band will continue to make the best of their season, as it comes to a close.