Engage in Esports


Provided by Essy Ingram

Additional Games: This is the Round 1 Complete screen from the Esport teams recent Overwatch semifinals play. They won the semifinals and hope to broaden their winning streaks with more games.

The FHC E-Sports team is currently recruiting for two more of their competitive games, Super Mario Bros. and League of Legends. Senior Tyler Belina is ecstatic for this year’s recruiting.

“We recruit players through announcements, spreading word of the program and getting results,” Belina said. “When you join [the program], you will be introduced to the team captain, then the team captain will decide on what the plan is for each player.”

When thinking about joining however, Belina suggests remembering some things. 

“We are not a casual gaming club,” Belina said. “ We are there to work just as hard as any other sport and expect the same amount of commitment.”

Belina, an avid video game player, believes in why someone should sign up for Esports.

 “It is the fastest growing scholarship opportunity for college and it has a lot of skills you can apply to your daily life and learn through the program,” Belina said. “It is fun to get to play at that higher level and get to test yourself against [other] really good teams.”