All We Do Is Win


Aniya Sparrow

MaryGrace Cummings watching like a hawk.

The JV girls basketball team is starting to heat up this season after their game against Webster Groves on Tuesday Jan.19. The girls came out with a win with a score of 44-26, as they had pulled an incredible lead at the start of the game. This season has been particularly rough for the team, having to endure COVID restrictions and quarantines that have affected their games significantly. But the girls are not giving up, as Sophomore MaryGrace Cummings puts it. Cummings expresses that this win was one of the most important wins for the team this season.

“We were really nervous, and we really needed this to be a turning point in the season,” Cummings said. “So we quickly changed our mentality to be more confident and then we took charge.”

We hope that the girls continue this confident mentality at their next game against Francis Howell on Friday, Feb. 5.