Correct Mask Wearing

Learn about the correct ways to wear masks and some common misconceptions about masks


Even though the FHSD mask mandate has been lifted, it’s still important that we take precautions by wearing masks the correct way. My own experience attending school with or without mask mandates has shocked me due to the lack of respect for correct mask wearing. Through the whole pandemic, my family and I have taken every precaution including masking, getting vaccinated, boosted, and distancing. This is an important value in my family because both of my parents are nurses working with veterans. Their health is necessary to protect and care for those affected by Covid. Every time I see someone wearing their mask wrong, I’m reminded of my parents, risking their own health for those who refuse to care for their wellbeing. Before going out without wearing a mask properly, reflect on who and what you will be hurting through this action. Without correct mask-wearing, we will never get over Covid and so many others will die or be hospitalized because of it.