Diving Into Overtime


On Tuesday Sept. 13,  the Varsity Girl’s Volleyball team went up against Francis Howell North , with both teams playing their best to win.​​ Though the game went into overtime, the Spartans came out with a win, after being head to head throughout the entirety of the game. As the Spartans played competitively,  Howell North made FHC work for the win. Senior Faith Rekosh managed to put them over. 

“They’re definitely better than they were last year. I would say they’re one of the weaker teams that we’ve played, but they’ve grown and improved a lot from last season,” Rekosh said, “I think we just have a more powerful and focused team.”

FHC girls volleyball is looking forward to their game to win and make their record 12-3-3. Their next game is Tuesday Sep. 20th.