Heads Held High

The team discusses tactic during a timeout.

On Monday, Sept. 19, the FHC Girls’ Volleyball C-Team played two away games hosted at Holt High School, one game versus Liberty and the other against Fort Zumwalt West. The girls came to a nail-biting tie with Liberty, but ultimately lost against West. However, the team held their heads up high, leaving with dignity and pride.

“I’d say my weakest point was probably [not] communicating with my team as much,” Freshman libero Bella Cowherd said. “[But] I think that my team is starting to glue together more and we’re starting to work better together […] We just need to work on being louder on the court.”

Cowherd wasn’t the only one to point out this weakness. Freshman hitter Lucy Griesenauer reflected on the game with the same thought in mind.

“It was fun and we did some good things, but we kind of let ourselves get stuck in a hole and we didn’t play as good as we could have,” Griesenauer recounted. “We definitely struggled with communication […] but we’ve all improved a lot as players when we practice and we’re able to play better as a team than we [did] at the start of the season.”

Even though these games didn’t go quite as planned, the FHC Girls’ Volleyball C-Team continues to grow and improve with a positive attitude.