More Than Just a Class


Seniors Aubrey Hunter and Kailee Wright bond over their audition experiences.

With many class course options to choose from at FHC, choir is often one that is most forgotten about. Chamber Choir is a class for students who are accepted based on their audition. From a cappella to singing in foreign languages, the group participates in multiple performances and relative activities throughout the school year. Senior Meadow Hunter has been in choir for years and still enjoys it as much now as she did back then.

“I take the classes because I love to sing,” Hunter said. “I am in two choir classes this year, Chamber choir and Treble choir. I’ve been in choir since sixth grade, so about six for seven years now.”

Some people see choir as just another option on the school’s course list, but the class has become a safe, fun place for students to sing and learn. Junior, Rebecca Turner, has been singing in choir since second grade and sees the class as a way to learn while bonding with her peers.

Mrs. Solverud has the group stand in a circle so she can hear their individual voices better. (Avah Pauck)

“I really just love the community and the family we formed throughout the year. It’s a new group of people at the end of the year, and throughout the year you learn to really trust each other. By the end of the year you are like a family who can lean on each other during hard times, Turner said.”

On December 15, the Chamber Choir performed their annual winter concert in the Auditorium. The class performed songs like christain hymn Gloria in Excelsis Deo and Shiru l’Adonai by Mishkan Chicago Davening Team. Senior Sammi Routh describes how the songs are chosen for each specific concert.

“The songs we sing usually depend on the concert. This concert we have a theme, it’s all holiday songs,” Routh said. “One of the songs we are singing with people from the band, so there will be brass instruments with the song we sing.”