Hopeful Rebound

Three players from the varsity team talk about improvement as a team, along with their hopes for the next season.


The girls celebrating after their win.

The ball dribbles against the floor as teammates alike exclaim to shoot the ball, or to not let the opposing team steal it. Sophomore Josie Crangle refuses to let her opponent take the ball, as she swiftly moves past them and swoops the ball into the net, giving the team the winning point. The crowd erupts into joy as they cheer for Crangle, as she smiles and celebrates with the team. 

Crangle has been a part of varsity for just this year, holding on to her role as mainly the guard of the team; however, she chooses to play multiple positions as well. 

“You have to remember where everything is, but I’ve kind of just gotten used to it,” Crangle said. “With guard, I’m more of a defensive player, but on offense, I try to shoot a lot outside the three point line; when I’m playing a four or five position, however, I’m trying to get closer shots.”

With basketball, there’s multiple roles with a team, as they all have specific roles. While Crangle plays multiple positions whenever she can, some players have specific roles as well. Freshman Wyat Dywer is the center for his JV team, meaning that he leads his team members through moves that they may had not noticed themselves. With help from others, Dwyer finds improvement growing and developing throughout the season.

“Even if we lost a game, it really motivates our team to be better,” Dwyer said. “We want to keep turning the program around, and get better as a team.” 

With improvement as a team and roles of a team alike, Junior Ashton Matthews plays point guard for the team, meaning that he orders his team members around, guiding the whole team to success. However, sometimes the ball misses the net.

“We’ve been struggling a bit with little losses, and we could do better chemistry wise with one another,” Matthews said. “We also need to work on the little stuff, so we can improve more to have bigger wins.” 

Hopes arise within the older players of the team, as the losses of past games give motivation to continue, along with wins passing on inspiration to keep going. With these two correlating, Matthews finds himself looking forward to one new aspect with the next season. 

“I’ll be a senior by next year, so I’m really looking forward to the new freshman on the team,” Matthews said. “I can’t wait to play with them, and train them to become better players.”