Swimming Toward State


Lianna Durbin races towards the finish line, fighting for a qualifying spot.

 As the swim season starts coming to a close, the Girl’s Varsity Swim and Dive team members move to close in their spot at State. These athletes can qualify for state any time during the season, and with three qualifying relays and one athlete, senior Ximena Avila, with several qualifying times, the State Championships are in sight at last. 

According to head coach, Robin Hussey, GAC is when the team tends to perform their best, as it is one of their final chances to qualify for their ultimate goal of State. GAC Championships are approaching quickly, and with just a few weeks left in the season, the team is working harder than ever in an attempt to make sure they secure as many of 32 qualifying spots as they can, and according to senior swimmer Kaylee Wright, nerves are a thing of the past.

“I would say the pressure isn’t really there, only because we know we’re going to go anyway,” Wright said.

The girls cheer on their teammates as they swim towards success. (Caroline Tarleton)

 With State finally in these swimmers’ sights, it is more important now than ever that the girls continue to push and encourage each other, and themselves. Without their teammates there to cheer each other on, the team might not have made it to where they are today. Sophomore Regina Avila has seen first hand that encouragement is one area the team will place first in every time.

     “We push each other to our limits, and we’re very encouraging, [even when] we fail,” Avila said.

     Through their successes and failures, the team pushes through and swims towards success, with Coach Hussey cheering each and every athlete on the whole time. Hussey and the girls have worked hard to make sure that the season goes swimmingly. However, with such a talented group of athletes, Hussey makes coaching look easy.

“This is the largest and most talented team FHC Girls’ Swim has had in a while,” Hussey said.