Arete prepares for field day

The annual Arete field day is explained, update on the Silver Shield ceremony.

Each student has the opportunity to turn in an Arete form each semester. This semester, Arete pillar forms are due today, Friday, Feb. 21 by 2:30 in the blue box outside room 2. By turning in one of the four forms, students have the chance to receive a pillar for grades, athletics, extracurricular activities or community service. If a student receives all four pillars by their second semester of their senior year, they will receive the Arete cord at graduation.

If a student received a pillar last semester, it is not required for them to fill out a form this semester unless they want to receive another pillar. They are automatically invited to participate in the Arete field day.

“The field day is scheduled for March 7. It is earlier than usual this year,” Ms. Amy Zykan, the head of the FHC Arete committee, said.

Arete field day is a time for students who received a pillar either first or second semester of the current school year get to be pulled out of class during 6th and 7th hours. They will be provided food, get to play on inflatables, receive a complimentary T-shirt and socialize with friends.

“We have field day because it is another way to recognize student achievement,” Ms. Zykan said.

The annual Silver Shield ceremony is scheduled for Thursday, March 27 at 7:00 P.M. in the auditorium. This ceremony is a time for each FHC teacher to recognize a student that has made an impact on them, the class, the school or the community. Teachers have already received the email to tell the committee which students they are awarding this year. The chosen students will not know which teacher picked them until the ceremony. That is when the announcer will expose a kind note each teacher wrote about their student.

“Invitations for students to come to the ceremony will go out right before spring break during the first week of March,” Ms. Zykan said.