See you later Mrs. Cissell

Mrs. Cissell is leaving her job in the Activities Office after Spring Break for a better opportunity for her and her family.


Kortney Sheahan

Mrs. Tammy Cissell working hard at the Activities Office a few days before she leaves for her new job.

Beginning after spring break, Mrs. Tammy Cissell will no longer work in the Activities Office. She will start a new job at her brother’s business.

“It was a very hard decision to leave, with my husband being a coach and teacher and my oldest son being a student here,” Mrs. Cissell said. “I never had any intentions of leaving here.”

Mrs. Cissell’s brother owns a construction company, and he just purchased a new paving company and asked Mrs. Cissell to come work with him. She will be the administrative assistant and office manager and she will have all kinds of different responsibilities at her new job.

“I will miss all of this, I think it will be the hardest part about leaving,” Mrs. Cissell said. ”All of the relationships I’ve made here, I cherish each and every one of them. I know each and every day that I truly will miss the students. I know so many students that I could take them all home and just adopt all of them.”

With Mrs. Cissell leaving, it will be a hard adjustment for Activities Director Mr. Scott Harris to make.

“We’ve become close friends, our families have become close friends,” Mr. Harris said. “She’s done an amazing job for me, the coaches, and for Howell Central in general. She does such a great job of brightening everyone’s day and making the students feel important. She’s made my transition to Howell Central much easier. I’ve been fortunate enough to get some personal recognition and awards, and she was a huge part of everything that I’ve received.”

Mr. Harris has already begun the process to bring in a new assistant. There were 91 applicants, and after screening them, it got cut down to 19. After interviews with the 19 applicants, six will be chosen to go to the next level. The top two or three will meet with Dr. Arnel and Mr. Harris for the final interview.

Mrs. Cissell is looking forward to what the new opportunity brings and to working with her brother.

“If I wasn’t working with my brother, I don’t think I would take the job,” Mrs. Cissell said. “But I have to look at it as a new opportunity for my family and I.”

Mrs. Cissell will be missed dearly here at Howell Central, and we want to thank her for all of her hard work and dedication to our school.