A letter to my classmates

Cadence Bippen, Print executive editor

May 6, 2016

I remember my very first day of high school. I remember how big the windows seemed when I walked up the staircases, I remember how many times I slipped up said staircases, and I remember the pure fear I felt trying to find a lunch table for the first time. It literally seemed like a scene out of a m...

Rachel Nixon is a National Merit Semifinalist

Rachel Nixon is a National Merit Semifinalist

Cadence Bippen, Print executive editor

December 11, 2015

“Use the PSAT practice book, don’t just throw it away like most people do.” That’s the advice senior Rachel Nixon would give to underclassmen preparing to take the notorious test. Nixon followed that advice, and it really could pay off - literally. Rachel Nixon is a National Merit Semifinalist, meaning her P...

Who, what, when, where, Y?

Who, what, when, where, Y?

Cadence Bippen, Discover editor

August 9, 2015

On Aug. 4, the Francis Howell School District’s Prop Y was on the ballot, and it lost by 66%. The community’s resounding “no” to the tax increase has been heard, and it is now time for the board of education to make some difficult decisions. A board meeting was held Thursday, Aug. 6, and seats...

The new crew in StuCo

Cadence Bippen, Discover editor

May 16, 2015

While the school year is coming to an end, Stuco is just beginning. The new officers are eagerly making changes and preparing for the members of 2015-16. They are looking forward to the alterations they have in store. “We are going to do more community service,” Junior Larissa Kite explained. Kite i...

The keepers of the library

Cadence Bippen, discover editor

April 19, 2015

Many students have enjoyed the sweet hot chocolate on Friday mornings, but where exactly does it come from? No, not a packet, but the Epsilon Beta club! Epsilon Beta is an abbreviation for the greek title “Episcpoi Tes Bibliothekes,” which translates to “The Keepers of the Library.” It is...

Make a friend in anime

Cadence Bippen, discover editor

April 13, 2015

Anime club is proof of two things: 1. there are so many types of clubs at FHC, you are bound to find one you’d like to join, and 2. if there isn’t one you like, start one! That’s precisely what senior Jocelyn Sanders did at the end of last school year. Sanders knew there wasn’t any club l...

The club that is “always fun, never Boron.”

Cadence Bippen, Discover editor

March 6, 2015

Chemistry club is one of a club that is popular, yet somehow manages to slide under the radar. This could be due to the fact that there aren’t always set dates. Run by Mr. John Kozlowski, affectionately known as Mr. Koz, chem club is held after school on any day he wants it to be. One could ...

The talk about speech and debate

Cadence Bippen, Discover editor

February 17, 2015

  "Have no fear, it's not too late, you can still join speech and debate!" The signs have been posted on walls and in stairwells for what seems like forever, and yet, people are still oblivious to the fact FHC has a speech and debate team. And a good one, at that. Sophomore Mackenzie Morris has won first pla...

New year, new attitudes, new buzzer

Cadence Bippen, Discover editor

January 23, 2015

Scholar Quiz bowl has gotten pretty deep into their season. With five competitions under their belt, the new kids are becoming strong members of the team, while the veterans are perfecting their trivia skills. They attended an Invitational at Orchard Farm on Saturday, the 10th, which is a slight change...

Strangers like me

Cadence Bippen, Discover Editor

January 16, 2015

Picture yourself in a room, occupied only by you and theatre kids. Depending on your background and experience with these creatures, that can either sound like a nightmare, or a dream come true. Now, imagine the room to be a theatre in the Convention Center of Kansas City, and the number of theatre...

A new member’s perspective

Cadence Bippen, Staff reporter

November 7, 2014

  Tuesday, Nov. 4, Holt High School was bustling with more scholars than normal. This marked the beginning of the competitive season for Scholar Quiz Bowl teams in the St. Charles League, and marked the beginning of any season for quite a few members of FHC’s team. Sophomore Liam Bloebaum, in parti...

Changes come to Normandy transfer policies

Junior Adrianne Jeffries reads through an article in Ms. Kim Okai's English III class on Wednesday. Jeffries enrolled at FHC shortly before fall break after being enrolled at Normandy High School.

Cadence Bippen, staff reporter

October 28, 2014

  Last year there was plenty of speculation over the transfer of Normandy students to the Francis Howell School District; due to Normandy’s unaccredited status, students could make the decision to attend another district in the area as long as they provide transportation — other than the Francis...

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