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Athletic Enthusiasm

Athletic Enthusiasm

Grace Bahru, Staff Reporter May 18, 2020
With spring sports being canceled athletes and coaches had to find new and innovative ways to keep the players in shape.
Grace Bahru

Grace Bahru

Grace Bahru, Staff Reporter May 17, 2020

My ultimate go too has been none other than Netflix. I eat breakfast and watch Netflix, work out and watch Netflix, go to bed and watch Netflix. My days have been filled with endless binging and scrolling...

Newly Found Comfort

Newly Found Comfort

Grace Bahru, Staff Reporter May 17, 2020

 While being stuck at home can be an extremely difficult task, many people have found many different outlets to pass the time. For some that consists of working out, reading, watching Netflix, DIY projects,...

An image of a rose. A symbol of the rose Peter gives to the women who has won his heart.

The Bachelor Breakdown

Grace Bahru, Staff Reporter March 3, 2020

Pilot Pete, aka Peter Weber. If you know his name, then you probably know that he is this season's bachelor on the hit ABC Drama “The Bachelor”. Coming from last season on “The Bachelorette” we...

A rack of faux fur coats are being prepared to be worn.

The Roaring 20’s Then to Now

Grace Bahru, Staff Reporter February 24, 2020

The low rise heel should definitely come back into today's style because it gives already tall people the capability to have the look of high heels while not making them any more taller. The low rise...

As a couple walks through the park. The two teens hold hands.

In The Sense of Young Love

Grace Bahru, Staff Reporter February 18, 2020

Love. Is the idea of high school love even worth it? We as teenagers are already crammed with school, family, and extracurricular activites so is there any room in that busy schedule to deal with a relationship....

Students work on their speeches in front of the class. By working on their speeches students gain more confidence in their speaking skills.

Collaborative Communication

Grace Bahru, Staff Reporter December 20, 2019

In today’s society, it’s easier to send a text message or a snap chat then it is for students to  communicate verbally. But the truth is everyone uses public speaking at some point in their lives,...

Students finish and discuss art projects.

A Little Later Than Normal

Grace Bahru, Staff Reporter November 6, 2019

As students walk into school for the 2020-21 school year things will be a little different. By the start of the 2020-21 school year students will be entering classes no earlier than Aug. 24. This is due...

Junior Luke Fisher battles an apposing player from Francis Howell for the ball in last Tuesdays game. Only to lead to a 2-0 defeat.

Preparing for districts

Grace Barhu, Staff Reporter October 24, 2019

As the boys soccer season comes to a close, the team has started to prepare for districts and begins to reminisce on the season. While having a rocky start to the season the team feels confident in their...

Environmental Club members plan upcoming events and ways to limit the amount of waste the community puts into the environment.

Be the Change

Grace Bahru, Staff Reporter October 10, 2019

Although the Environmental Club is brand new it has big ambitions to help our community. The newly founded club already has 10 members so far and they hope to expand their numbers over the next few months....

Gino Buffa throws the ball back into play at Troys game on September 17th. the team has been having issues connecting recently, but they hope they can come back from their recent losing streak.

Becoming a family

Grace Bahru, Staff reporter September 20, 2019

After a rough start to the season with a losing streak of 3-7, the boys varsity soccer team hopes to turn their luck around as quickly as possible. To sophomore Luck Cummings the team began the season...

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