The Bachelor Breakdown

As the final two episodes of the Bachelor are on the way, we see Peter finally send home the obnoxious Victoria F, and finally pick between his final two women.


An image of a rose. A symbol of the rose Peter gives to the women who has won his heart.

Pilot Pete, aka Peter Weber. If you know his name, then you probably know that he is this season’s bachelor on the hit ABC Drama “The Bachelor”. Coming from last season on “The Bachelorette” we were able to watch Peter get his heart broken by former bachelorette Hannah Brown. Then see her end up alone without a fiance in hand. 

When coming into Peter’s season of the bachelor, we all had high hopes for him and the idea that he would find his wife. As we wind down to the final three women I find myself not rooting for Peter. Because of Peter’s incapacity to pick any of the women who are mature and seem to be a good fit for him, he ends up keeping three women and only one of the three seems to be a good option for Peter’s future. 

The final three contestants are all women who are in their 20s and who are mainly nice and seem to mean well, except for Victoria Fuller. The whole point of Victoria still being on the show is to bring in more drama and cause chaos with Peter and how he views his relationships with her and the other women. Not only is she extremely annoying but she has no real personality.  She has yet to prove to Peter that she really wants to be there and that she truly wants to fight for her relationship with him. Every time her and Peter have even the smallest of fights we always get to watch Victoria walk away from Peter, then we see Peter run after her and talk her down. 

Next we have Hannah Ann. Sweet Hannah Ann seems like the principle of innocence and purity, while at the same time being a child in a twenty- year-old’s body. Even though she is very upfront with Peter I can’t help but feel like she’s holding something back. It seems very unrealistic that she is a perfect young lady. Because realistically, nobody’s perfect, but Hannah Ann seems to be somehow. 

Finally, there is the fan favorite: Madison. Now, our girl Madi is the best woman on the show. Period. From being truthful, smart, and compassionate she crosses so many buckets off of every guy’s dream girl. Yes, she did withhold a valuable fact that she was waiting to have sex untill marriage. And she shouldn’t have given Peter an ultimatum saying that she couldn’t see herself continuing her journey with him if he were to sleep with other women. Which he did. But still she is the best choice out of the three women. Simply because she is the realest person on the show.

After watching Victoria F finally get sent home on yesterday’s episode it is down to the final two. Hannah Ann and Madison. Now let’s be honest, Peter is definitely more into Madison then he is into Hannah Ann but Hannah Ann is way more into Peter then Madison is. So as the final two live episodes are bound to air on the next two mondays make sure to tune in to see who Peter ends up with or if he ends up with anyone on the show at all.