Newly Found Comfort

While being stuck at home people have found comfort in non other than online shopping.

Newly Found Comfort

 While being stuck at home can be an extremely difficult task, many people have found many different outlets to pass the time. For some that consists of working out, reading, watching Netflix, DIY projects, or online shopping. 

Coming from going to the store whenever we please to being stuck at home is one dramatic change out of the many. And in turn of people not going to the stores they turn to the web. Online shopping. For some, that’s not their cup of tea but for the many, at-home online shopping has become an outlet to the outside world. 

Retail therapy is a saying many of us have heard but not many of us have used ourselves. But ever since social distancing has begun many people have used retail therapy to convert themselves in these unordinary times. 

For sophomore Lauren Schultze, online shopping is an outlet that makes her feel more connected to the outside world and it gives her something to look forward too.

“Online shopping makes me feel great because it’s always fun to have something new to wear and feel good in,” said Lauren Schultze.

When it comes to items to buy Lauren Schultze and her family have taken an innovative idea of online shopping.

 “We have ordered tomato seeds and other seeds like mint and cilantro so we have one less thing to get at the grocery store. So we have basically started a garden so we don’t have to go out as much and it gives us something to look forward to when they’re down growing,” said Lauren Schultze.

Retail therapy is one thing but shopping and taking advantage of the deals is a whole other ballpark. Senior Katey Clark is taking advantage of the giant sales while buying from her favorite stores. 

Clark has been known as a fashion icon and the use of online shopping isn’t a foreign idea to her. But while being stuck at home like the rest of us she decided to post online codes for different stores for people to use.

Some of those stores consist of Princess Polly, American Eagle, Pacsun, Adidas, Ulta, Patagonia, and Revolve but there are a variety of stores that she sends codes out for. 

Some people may be going overboard with their online shopping but Katey Clark isn’t.

“I use the same amount of money I would normally, but I did get more items because of some of the sales,” said Katey Clark.

While online shopping is a nice way to occupy your time while at home it’s important to feel safe while doing it.

 “We sanitize the packages outside before we bring them in,” said Katey Clark. And while many people have turned to online shopping some have strayed far away from it.

Sophomore Clara Klien has never been a big online shopper and staying at home hasn’t changed that. 

“I’ve never really been into shopping, so if I don’t need new clothes then I don’t shop,” said Clara Kilen.

And even though Clara has been staying home like the rest of us she has no personal use for online shopping.

 “It’s nice for people who really like to shop, but since I’m just not a bigger shopper I still feel pretty indifferent,” Clara Kilen said.