Peter Shea and Nick Marino tap sticks in the middle of their performance.

Virtual Spring Pep Assembly

Keaton (Kiki) Frye, Social Media Editor May 7, 2021

On Wed. April 28, Francis Howell Central celebrated athletes and activities with a virtual Pep Assembly. It took place during seminar, and all the teachers projected it onto smart boards for students to...

Kana Chung

Kana Chung

Kana Chung, Copy Editor May 21, 2020

Having nothing but time on our hands is a foreign concept to our family. We used this newfound freedom to take to the garden that hadn’t been tended to in far too long. We hadn’t spent that kind of...

Online learning can be done in any setting at any time.

The Bright Side to eLearning

Natalie Walsh, Print Assignments Editor May 21, 2020

Students and teachers alike have had to make major adjustments to their classroom setting. Transitioning from seeing each other during class and in the halls to virtual zooms and email communication hasn’t...

Kayla Reyes

Kayla Reyes

Kayla Reyes, Print Editor-in-Chief May 19, 2020

I had these photos printed in December, but I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to use them for at that time. After a couple weeks of being stuck at home, I found myself missing my friends a whole lot....

Ty Nedungadi

Ty Nedungadi

Ty Nedungadi, Staff Reporter May 19, 2020

Although quarantine stops us from going outside to see our friends, there are many alternatives to still have fun and spend time with them. For my friends and I, we spend late nights just messing around...

A simple setup of ice cream and music enjoyment. Lots of new music has been released in the last few weeks.

Isaiah Salin

Isaiah Salin, Design editor May 18, 2020

Limiting school to 2-3 hours a day is really beneficial for mental health, allowing more time to talk to friends and enjoy hobbies everyday. Simple things such as playing listening to music makes the day...

Andrew Houmes: A Day of Isolation

Andrew Houmes May 18, 2020

This is what an average weekend day is like for me during the epidemic.

Athletic Enthusiasm

Athletic Enthusiasm

Grace Bahru, Staff Reporter May 18, 2020
With spring sports being canceled athletes and coaches had to find new and innovative ways to keep the players in shape.
Grace Bahru

Grace Bahru

Grace Bahru, Staff Reporter May 17, 2020

My ultimate go too has been none other than Netflix. I eat breakfast and watch Netflix, work out and watch Netflix, go to bed and watch Netflix. My days have been filled with endless binging and scrolling...

Newly Found Comfort

Newly Found Comfort

Grace Bahru, Staff Reporter May 17, 2020

 While being stuck at home can be an extremely difficult task, many people have found many different outlets to pass the time. For some that consists of working out, reading, watching Netflix, DIY projects,...

J-Jazelle:  My dog Jazelle is a constant staple in my everyday life. My dad and I take her on nightly walks, and she’s getting much more attention (and food) with everyone home all day.

The ABCs of Isolated Living

May 16, 2020

With the epidemic and the isolation of social distancing, the world is extremely strange and new. Here are the ABCs of my life during these past chaotic weeks.

Sam Cole

Sam Cole

Sam Cole, Staff Photographer May 15, 2020

With the onset of quarantine, many familiar settings that were once a source of rest are now becoming more of a passive prison. In spite of this, it is rejuvenating to explore the outdoors while maintaining...

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