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Art teachers visit NAEA to further educating abilities

Art teachers visit NAEA to further educating abilities

Jake Roach, Voice Editor April 13, 2015

The National Art Education Association held it’s annual convention on March 26th-28th in New Orleans, and in attendance was current educator in the art department Mrs. Judy Switzer and former FHC art...

A mural at the top of the stairs by the art hallway. This was painted last year by Art Club.

Art Club to paint new mural

Jake Roach, Voice Editor April 7, 2015

Out of tradition, Art Club will be painting a mural in the hallways of FHC. While the time is uncertain at this point, the mural will likely be seen toward the end of the year. Every member of Art Club,...

Jazz Ensemble performing in the front of FHC on a Friday. They wont be able to perform at the Fine Arts Festival til May 1st due to the reschedule.

Fine Arts Festival rescheduled

Jake Roach, Voice Editor March 6, 2015

Due to weather conditions, the Fine Arts Festival was rescheduled to May 1 from its original Feb. 20th slot. Students from departments involved have been affected differently from the more than two month...

The four man development team for Fez, collectively called Polytron. They had just won an award for the release of the game.

Basement development

Jake Roach, Staff Reporter March 4, 2015

I was watching "Indie Game: The Movie" which is undoubtedly one of my favorite documentaries of all time. It inspired me to talk about an often overlooked topic for the majority of gamers. Now while I...

Terms of service

Terms of service

Jake Roach, voice Editor February 26, 2015

The irony might be a little too strong in this post, considering the very issue I’m going to be complaining about is the exact service I’m using to write it, and in case you didn’t know what service...

Freddy got what?

Jake Roach, Voice Editor February 6, 2015

It was a Friday night, and I was sitting alone in my room. The big plans for the weekend died a horrible death and like many, I was left staring at the wall, waiting for whatever was going to happen, to...

The $600 gaming PC

The $600 gaming PC

Jake Roach, Voice Editor January 30, 2015

PC gaming is expensive right? Well let’s shoot that ridiculous idea full of holes. I’m going to show a PC build, complete with an operating system for $600, with links to each of the products. If...

Top games of 2014

Top games of 2014

Jake Roach, Staff Reporter January 23, 2015

  5. “Darks Souls II” Finally. That’s all I can say. The Souls series has been begging for a quality PC port since Demon Souls dropped on PS3, and now it’s here. Unlike the port of the...

Sydney Sullivan painting a new piece. Some of her work may be featured in the festival.

Gearing up for the Fine Arts Festival

Jake Roach, Voice Editor January 22, 2015

On Friday, Feb. 20, students within The Fine Arts Department all around FHC will meet to show off their talents in the cafeteria. Students from band, theatre, and the art department gather to celebrate...

A growing disconnect

A growing disconnect

Jake Roach, Voice Editor January 14, 2015

First and foremost, the majority of this argument is based around the stance developed by TotalBiscuit, a YouTube commentator on video games. I wanted to get that out of the way first to give credit where...

5 PC gaming stocking stuffers

Jake Roach, Staff Reporter December 10, 2014

    In the modern Christmas season, money is often substituted for gifts by request of the receiver, but most can’t deny the mutually beneficial feeling of giving a well thought out gift...


Jake Roach, Staff Reporter December 4, 2014

During Thanksgiving break, Steam had it’s annual Autumn Sale, titled this year as the Exploration Sale. The online gaming platform had over 6,000 games on sale, with at least 5,000 of those under $10....

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