Junior Elisa Carter stands in front of a mirror, in the bathroom, looking at her reflection. She finds chaos in her reflection due to her mental health.

Minor Mental Mania

Bipolar disorder in underage teens is more of an issue than realized.
Elisa Carter, Staff Reporter June 2, 2021

Up down up down up down. That is what my head does almost everyday. I have many highs and lows with my depression increasing some days and mood swings taking over my life on others. I display symptoms...

Coming to Terms with Coming Out

Coming to Terms with Coming Out

One family shares their story of acceptance
Kayla Reyes, Print Co-Editor-in-Chief May 27, 2021

Since as early as third grade, senior Krystal Arias (She/Her) has known she wasn’t exactly like the rest of her peers. Despite this, she never struggled to be social. She identified with her...

Out and About

Out and About

How transgender teens accept and embrace their identity
Sophie Delaney, Staff Reporter May 27, 2021

Like any student after a long lecture, senior Seth Wilcox (He/Him) headed to the bathroom before his next period. Except unlike other kids, Wilcox experienced threats, physical assault, and verbal...

Exploring Identities

Exploring Identities

Diving into the LGBTQ+ experience allows people to better understand it
Tea Perez, Web Editor-in-Chief May 27, 2021

Within These Walls

Within These Walls

The discussion regarding acceptance of LGBTQ+ students and staff
Faith Jacoby, Staff Reporter May 27, 2021

The LGBTQ+ community at FHC, both students and staff, can sometimes be overshadowed by other issues present in the school. Although the community is respected, they aren’t represented as much...

Waving Their Banners

Waving Their Banners

The realities of coming out as an adolescent
Faith Beckmann, Staff Reporter May 27, 2021

One December night, only a few years ago, a 12-year-old boy sat at a kitchen counter, writing a letter to his mother about why he needed to quit Boy Scouts immediately because he just couldn’t wait until...

What Does Pride Mean to FHC?

LGBTQ+ students describe what pride means to them
Tea Perez, Sydney Tran, and Hannah Bernard May 27, 2021

The cast of the spring musical dances on the stage in the auditorium. Due to limited time to work together, the cast tries to make the best use of the time they are allowed to have to rehearse for the show.

Looking for Ways to ‘Rock’

The Spotlight Players plan "Schoolhouse Rock Live" despite pandemic
Elisa Carter, Staff Reporter April 30, 2021

They dance on the stage. Their singing is muffled, with masks over their faces, performing their hearts out as the FHC cast of “Schoolhouse Rock Live”.  “The story is about Tom, a brand new teacher...

The Prom-lem

The Prom-lem

Widespread disappointment throughout the school due to the second cancellation of prom
Sydney Tran, Staff Reporter April 27, 2021

Like many students in the FHC community, junior class treasurer Sarah Percy was distraught with the outcome of this year's fight for prom.  “When the news came out that prom wasn’t happening,I...

Joe Weidig waiting patiently.

Rock The House

Aniya Sparrow, Staff Photographer March 18, 2021

The Spotlight Players have started rehearsals for their upcoming production of Schoolhouse Rock Live, a musical full of singing, dancing, and a lot of learning. Due to COVID-19, there wasn’t originally...

Sophie Delaney hugs Coach Leak tightly.

Varsity Girls Basketball Senior Night

Aniya Sparrow , Staff Photographer February 24, 2021

After their game on Friday Feb. 12, the varsity girls basketball team celebrated their annual senior night The girls walked down the court next to their families with bright eyes and smiles as they accepted...

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