Forming unity

Through team work, the Spartans succeed, winning 5-2 over Duchesne


After weeks of struggling, the Spartans have finally formed a cohesive unit. Last Friday night, Dec. 4, the hockey team defeated Duchesne 5-2. Reigning victorious over the Pioneers, the team’s growing confidence fuels its pursuit for success as a team, instead of as individuals.

Friday night’s game is just the beginning, according to sophomore Michael Gregg, the team’s dedication and success is only going to grow greater as the season progresses.

“Last year we were such a strong, committed team. This year we lost a lot of great players,” Gregg said, “A lot of people are doubting our capabilities, and this year we just want to prove to everyone that they’re wrong.”

As a sophomore, this is Gregg’s first year playing goalie for the varsity team. In the past year, Gregg played goalie for J.V, and he would watch from the bench during varsity games. This year, Gregg is adjusting to his new role on the varsity squad.

For older brother Matthew Gregg, it is a blast with Michael on the team.
“It’s kinda nice my senior year having my brother behind me. It’s a cool feeling playing with your little brother for your last year of high school ice hockey. I like it a lot,” Matt Gregg said.

Mathieu Spaulding believes that Michael Gregg has proved himself as goalie.

“He plays great net. He was on top of everything,” Spaulding said.

However, the team’s success Friday night can’t be accredited to Gregg alone. According to Matthew Gregg, the win was an overall team effort. Though there were a few players that stood out.

“Kyle Sury scored the first goal. He dumped it in on a goalie, and he got it off a rebound,” Matt Gregg said, “Sury was definitely a difference maker.”

Overall, junior Danny Geringer could not name a significant player for the game against Duchesne. He believes that the team worked well together, and that everyone was playing their positions well.

“We were moving the puck really well. We were just shutting them down left and right. They weren’t getting a lot of shots on us,” Geringer said.

The team’s success will only grow greater. Whether the team wins every game, or loses every game, the player’s have finally cracked the code in working in unity with one another.