A Hockey Comeback

Central’s Varsity ice hockey team played Duchesne and won 6-4. The game took place on Monday, Jan. 2 at the Recplex. Although Central won the final points, Duchenese followed close behind, making some good goals.   Senior  Seeger Trendley expresses his concern for how the season is going so far. 

“We’ve had a lot of games we should’ve won, but just didn’t put in enough effort,” Trendley said. “Our team this year doesn’t have the skill we had last year after we lost 5 strong players.” 

Although Trendley thinks there could be more effort put into these games, the team showed a lot of hard work at the arena.  Their hard work may be paying off as they are winning more matches. The teams next game is on SaturdayJan. 21.