Ranting is for losers

Hello, my lovely readers. Let me start off by saying, I hope you had a lovely weekend. Or, at least a better one than I did. Yes, that’s right. Another blog where I complain, it’s okay, I feel like this has become the norm, and as most anxiety ridden people know, leaving the norm is a difficult process.

First off, I spent the Friday and Saturday at JJ’s house, so, aside from her falling asleep early, it was a good start. After work I got laundry and cleaning done, so that was a plus too. But, as soon as my mom got home, there was an obnoxious amount of childish flare added. Let me just make it clear that my nephew is barely two, and he is more mature than my mother. As I was finishing my laundry, she decided that she just had to do her laundry at that very moment, and there was no room to wait. So, naturally as the one stealing the washing machine, I had to get my stuff out, and do it quickly. I still had a load in the washing machine, one in the dryer, and one waiting. But, you know, God forbid I have clean clothes. I’ve been doing my own laundry since, late elementry, early middle school, so I have an idea of how long it takes to get it all done. But since she didn’t have a couple hours to wait, I had to finish now.

I wasn’t doing it fast enough, so she decided to start mimicking everything, I had to say. I would say, “hold on I’m vacuuming,” and she would come back with the childish voice, “hold on I’m vacuuming.” This went on for about 20 minutes, until finally I had enough, and just left. She’s almost 45, really, mom? Grow up. Seriously.

Then, after my dad being out of town for four days, he came home. Which was “fantastic” as all get out, but I’d prefer to just not deal with the two of them together. My dad quickly decided that, my room wasn’t clean enough, I needed to re-clean the kitchen, and living room, and although it took me two plus hours, my bathroom was just all right. Oh and I look like I have the mumps, or measles, or something, because my face is all red and splotchy. I’m sorry dad, I’m a little bit stressed out, therefore I’m breaking out, and not even that badly, I might add. How can one person be so ignorant? Does he really think he can say stuff like that to a teenager, and she won’t be effected? I’m just sick of his, constant, need for me to be picture perfect. It’s really annoying.

It’s kind of wrong, that after a three day weekend, I’d rather be here at school, than at home with my family. It’s like I’m defying nature. Not really the best way to start my week, but hey, that’s just my Crazy Good life, right?