Girls basketball team falls to Lutheran in championship

The girls basketball team stood defeated as their opponent, Lutheran High School, came from behind in the fourth quarter to pull out the win. The team had been winning until the beginning of the fourth quarter and ended up losing 41-37.

“At the end of the third quarter and beginning of the fourth quarter we kinda gave up. We starters messing up and rushing,” starting freshman Emma Raup said. “As soon as they tied it with a three-pointer, the momentum switched to their team and their crowd got really rowdy.”

After the game, the spartans were left speechless and very upset by their loss, according to Raup.

“The locker room was dead silent. Kristen [Warncke] gave us a cheer up speech and it can only get better from here,” Raup said.

The team will play tonight at 7 at Fort Zumwalt South as the start to their regular season and will not have their first home game until Dec. 11. Hopeful and ready to defeat their competitors, the girls have learned from their upset on Friday.

“We’re ready and we know what we need to improve on. We are just going to put the negatives behind us from now on,” Raup said.