Hunting the Wolves

The boys basketball team is fighting to stay in the playoff hunt, even if it means getting a low seed. However, the team is continuing to struggle following an OT loss to FZW just after a key victory over rival FHN.

This Friday, the team faces the Timberland Wolves (8-8). This is a critical road game for the Spartans, and if they want to go to the playoffs, they need to make a sustainable winning streak starting against the Wolves.

The issue at hand is that the Spartans have not had a winning streak of more than two games all year, and this only happened once. With eight games left in the season, and the Spartans being four games under .500, chances for the Spartans to make the playoffs look bleak. But you can never count out the boys basketball team, as they have fought hard all year, and are prepared to fight until the end to gain a playoff spot.

Junior Heriberto Wyatt says that this week, they have plenty of time to prepare for Timberland.

“This is the longest span we’ve had between two games this season, so we have lot of time to prepare,” Wyatt said. “We are going to prepare really hard for Timberland.”

Wyatt added that during these next four days, the basketball team is going to spend a lot of time studying game film in preparation for Friday’s game, which starts at 7:00.