Tennis accommodates the weather

With the near freezing temperatures and non stop snow fall, spring sports have hit a road bump in the season. Tennis has been adapting as much as possible; on snowy days they can be found playing on the West James indoor courts.

Despite trying to work around the weather, they have canceled more matches than they have played in.

“We have had two matches and canceled three,” said senior Sean Nanney.

Immediately when the courts dry, the Spartans are back playing at home as frequently as possible.

“We practiced outside yesterday,” said Nanney. “I’m not sure if we’ll be ready for our next match,”

The Spartans next match is Monday against the Knights from Francis Howell North. Their two top players are known as rivals to the Spartans.

“I have faith in the team, but North is really good,” said Nanney.

Nanney has gone 2-0 this season, and hoping to be 3-0 after Monday, despite his skilled opponent from North.

Robbie Nickoli (Nanney’s opponent), is really good, but I want to win,” said Nanney. “I’ve been practicing really hard.”

The team is hoping for the courts to stay dry this weekend so they can play.

“I just want to actually play, I don’t to have practiced so hard for nothing.”