FHC Softball Season Begins

Freshman, JV, and varsity softball players are fresh out of try-outs and practicing hard, preparing for their first games with their new teammates. The freshmen, being new to high school sports, said try-outs were not what they expected.

“We did some hardcore drills,” said freshman Clara Higgenbotham. “It was challenging.”

But, try-outs have passed and nearly every freshman softball player predicts a great season. The team is already great at batting, and the players show a large amount of skill and potential, according to most freshman players.

“If our coach keeps pushing us like she does, then we’ll do good,” said freshman Madison Schnurbusch.

Freshman players are not the only ones expecting to have a good season. The JV team practices hard everyday to ensure their wins. The players agreed that they’re all very skilled and work great together.

Sophomore JV player, Morgan Cabral, said, “We’re all really good. We have equal abilities and I can tell we’re going to win almost every game!”

The first games begin on the week of August 26th. All three teams are putting in everything it takes to be the best softball teams they can be: motivation, effort, dedication to the sport.

“Our teams show great school spirit, and it’s an honor to represent Central,” said Schnurbusch. “Softball is a really fun sport to both play and watch. Anyone wanting to see a great game should come down and cheer on the FHC softball players!”