Shooting high


After a strong start, the girls golf team has hit a slump in their season, not winning a match since they played Francis Howell North two and a half weeks ago. The team lost to Wentzville Holt 241-218 last Tuesday and again to Kirkwood yesterday 200-141, playing without several varsity players.

“We’ve had a few golfers struggle recently,” said girls golf coach Mr. John Miller.

Coach Miller says that size has played a factor in the recent string of defeats, for with such a small team the margin for error is small.

“Usually, if it is just one golfer playing poorly the team picks them up and we overcome. But when we have a small team and more than one golfer playing poorly it is nearly impossible for the team to pick up the slack,” said Coach Miller.

In the past week, the team has gotten even smaller, having lost junior Caitlyn Eddy, who has been a key player on the team since her freshman year. Eddy, a star soccer player and honors student, became overwhelmed with her rigorous class load in combination with soccer and golf and was unable to balance her schedule.

“Caitlyn was a really good player,” said junior Allie McCoy. “When we lost her, we all started to struggle.”

Team captain, junior McKenzie McDowell, has also been having a tough time, not performing like she had in the beginning of the season.

“I haven’t been in the zone at all, ” said McDowell.

McDowell has been facing distractions off the course that she says has been causing her to lose focus during her matches. Even through these difficult times, McDowell still hopes to make it to state.

“I’m really going to have to step it up to make state this year,” said McDowell.