Arete gets ready for breakfast

Last month, students had the opportunity to apply to receive one of the four pillars for Arete. By receiving a pillar, they become a member. These pillars are for grades, extracurricular activities, community service and athletics. When a student has received all four pillars by graduation, they get the Arete cord.

“Ms. Zykan has applications and is making a spreadsheet,” Mrs. Danna Tedder, an Arete faculty committee member, said.

Students will know if they have been accepted into Arete if they receive a letter on Nov. 15 through their first hour teacher.

Students must bring this letter and their student ID in order to get into the breakfast on Nov. 22.

“Our Fall Recognition Breakfast will occur during second hour to celebrate [students’] success,” Ms. Amy Zykan, the head of FHC’s Arete committee, said.

The Arete committee has been planning for this breakfast like they do every year.

They will also be giving t-shirts out to all the members for this semester during the breakfast.

“Ms. Zykan has met with the student committee for t-shirt ideas,” Mrs. Tedder said. “They give designers some ideas, the designers put them together, and the students vote which one they like best.”

This event is one of the two big events that Arete does throughout the year. The other is near the end of the school year. It’s a field day for all the members to come together to socialize, eat, and play on inflatables. If a student has been accepted into Arete this semester, they do not need to reapply during second semester in order to attend the field day. But if a student forgot to turn in their Arete form this time, they can sign up during second semester.