‘Jurors’ Gives Students Control of Fall Play

Fall production of “12 Angry Jurors” set to run Nov. 7-9.


Inge Petrie

Kaylee Wright laughs while running through a section of the script with senior Sam Cole during rehearsals for “12 Angry Jurors,” The Spotlight Players fall production which will run Nov. 7-9 in the auditorium.

The Spotlight Players is putting on a fall production called “12 Angry Jurors.” The play focuses on a murder trial where 12 jurors must determine whether the defendant is guilty or innocent. Directed by Mrs. Cori Stallard, the dates are from Nov. 7-9 and is performed in the auditorium. 

The students are the main part of the play process. They create the set, play roles, and direct alongside Mrs. Stallard. The students chose the production they preferred and “12 Angry Jurors” had the most votes. 

Josiah Haan is a senior and is the tech director for the play, who was a part of which production would be performed.

“Mrs. Stallard picked three options for the play and then at the end of the year we all voted on which show we would like to do,” Haan said.

Isaiah Henry is a senior and the student director of the play. Henry voted for “Wait Until Dark” originally, but is still happy with the choice of “12 Angry Jurors.”

“Before we started the show and started auditions, I probably would have wanted to try ‘Wait Until Dark,’ because I like the premise of that show. But with starting the show and seeing how it’s running, and seeing how great the actors are doing, and the technical aspects are going, I’m really happy that this is the show that won the vote,” Henry said.

The “12 Angry Jurors” cast rehearses every day and has been since the end of August. Henry expresses that the cast is running very smoothly for a while now.

“There’s still a lot of room. I feel like there’s always a lot of room with theatre. It’s always hard to do it perfectly, to make anything perfect. But we’re in a really good spot right now. Probably further than we’ve been for the past plays, I think. Just with everybody working as a team and making it run smoothly,”  Henry said.

Joseph Weidig is a sophomore and the stage manager for the show. He gives reasons for why it is good to have a serious and funny play each year.

“A lot of it is for the actors because it’s nice to have a serious and funny show each year. That way if you’re a funny actor, you can always have an opportunity to act. But if there were two serious shows, and you’re a funny actor, you don’t have anything,” Weidig said.