Being There

The presence of teachers in students’s lives pulls stress out and pushes love in their hearts


Maya Culian

As senior Lee Evans focuses on a problem during her second hour Algebra III class, math teacher Roxanne Fetsch watches and listens to him work through the problem. Mrs. Fetsch is all aboout helping students until they fully understand the problem.

It’s a regular Thursday at school, but for junior Olivia Daniel it’s been a rough day. Today Daniel has been on edge up until she walks into room 213, Mrs. Roxanne Fetsch’s classroom. The second she walks through the door she feels lighter knowing that Fetsch will help and talk to her. Fetsch walks into the room with a beaming and radiant smile on her face, immediately everyone, especially Daniel, feels calm and at home. Fetsch pulls Daniel to the side and talks her through her troubles. 

Gina. a nickname and inside joke that was made in Mrs. Fetsch’s class. Second semester of the 2018-2019 school year, Mrs. Fetsch’s seventh hour began to call Mrs. Fetsch Gina. Daniel started this among the class, and it ended up sticking. 

“Mrs. Fetsch is very smart, she will be there for you when you’re having a really bad day, she considers other people’s feelings, kind of before hers. If you ever need anything, she’s there for you on the spot,” Daniel said.  

Teachers are like gifts to students. Without teachers like Mrs. Fetsch, school would not be as enjoyable. High school is rough, we are trying to find ourselves and who we are while trying to keep a steady GPA.

Junior Hailey Leeser, has two favorite teachers: Ms. Young and Mrs. Fetsch. Leeser is also in on the “Gina” joke. 

“They both care a lot. They don’t just want to put a worksheet in front of a kid. They actually, genuinely want to teach the subject and make sure kids understand,” Leeser said. 

Both Daniel and Leeser go to their favorite teachers for advice and during times when they find themselves struggling. The girls feel a strong bond with their favorite teachers. 

Junior Harlie Mills finds herself talking to Dr. Eisworth. Mills describes Dr. Eisworth as motherly figure. 

“She would check all my grades, not even just for her class. She’d ask me ‘Why are you missing this? You need to get this in,’” Mills said. 

Most students have a favorite teacher, whether it be because they can get away with sleeping in their class, or because the teacher has become someone they trust, we can all agree that great teachers are gifts. With out them school wouldn’t be as fun, students would be more stressed, and the subjects would be more difficult. 

High school is supposed to be the most uncomfortable and worst four years, all around your peers are trying to find themselves.The constant changing of friend groups and personality can become stressful. Thats why its amazing to have a trusted adult to talk to. It helps to have a teacher you can bond and connect with. 

“A good teacher doesn’t want to just put a worksheet in front of a kid, they genuinely want to teach their students that subject or topic and help them understand what they are being taught,” Leeser said.

The best teachers have most of the same qualities and characteristics, they are compassionate, loving, smart, and trustworthy.  A teacher who truly cares will be there no matter the struggle, whether you are dealing with trouble in school, with friends or family or with helping with your mentality. 

“I was having a really hard time with myself, and she normally helps me calm down and reevaluate and get myself back to normal, so I don’t have to stress about things, ” Daniel said.

Teachers are like presents because they will always stick by your side and be present in your life once you’ve made that connection. Take advantage of the opportunity, having a teacher or teachers to talk to can get you through the darkest times.

“A good teacher doesn’t want to just put a worksheet in front of a kid, they genuinely want to teach their students that subject or topic and help them understand what they are being taught.” ”

— Hailey Leeser