A Journey of Faith

MAV is a new Bible study deepening the meaning of faith in every stage of life.


Emily Wolfe

Senior Allen Butterfield prays over freshman Lucas Schuster and junior Tyler Hoskins. This particular meeting was all about being there for your friends and supporting them. The participants met in small groups and poured their hearts out. They shared their struggles, their praises, and their love for the Lord.

She holds a book. It is blue and dark brown with engravings of flowers covering the front of it. It is not pristine and new, but rather worn with page markers and post-it notes sticking out in every direction. It is not fragile, and she does not treat it as such. Instead, she is generous with it; opening it up for all to see what treasures lie inside. As they sit in a small circle, she reads from her book and talks about what the words mean; these words bearing gifts of love and encouragement at every turn. Her name is Paige, and she gives to the world by sharing the presence of others, specifically one other: God. 

Created by senior siblings Allen and Paige Butterfield, MAV is an inclusive Bible study that takes place every Tuesday at 6:30 am here at FHC in room 136. The goal of the group is simple: to provide an environment for people to strengthen relationships, both spiritually and socially. 

“It is for anyone looking for fellowship or to increase better relationships between people, and just to learn, have a better faith, and to be able to have it in a school, which is different,” Paige said. “Just to be able to incorporate [faith] into all parts of your life.” 

Although MAV has similar goals as FCA, there are a few big differences between the two groups. The first is that MAV meets in Mrs. Maupin’s room before school where as FCA meets after school on Tuesdays at a leader’s’ home. The second is there are no games or athletic activities at MAV; it is strictly a Bible study where students directly engage in conversations about what book they are currently studying. 

“We meet in school, before school and we don’t play any games or anything, it’s more than just diving into God’s word,” Allen explained. “When we get here, it’s more of just a place for us to learn more about the Gospel and just learn more about what God has to offer us.”

Being able to have the friendly environment that MAV provides is a big motivator for junior Tyler Hoskins, who is a dedicated member of FCA among other clubs, wakes up early every Tuesday morning looking forward to a group of smiling faces. 

“Just the people here, like, they’re so welcoming and I love everything about it so far,” Hoskins said. “I just think it’s a great way to just make myself wake up and do this thing for God and just do it all for him.” 

Like Hoskins, junior Makenzie Blough enjoys MAV and the uniqueness the club offers students. The environment that the club radiates can all be attributed to the people involved; the people who wake up every morning ready to learn more about themselves. 

“[My favorite thing] — I think — is just the different spectrum of people that are there and just getting to know everyone’s input from different perspectives,” Blough explained. “I just really love how everyone gets along and they all bond over one thing that we all have in common. Nobody’s judged, there’s no separation there.” 

The presence of MAV has brought many important gifts to these students who are seeking to be uplifting and kind to others. The things learned at MAV are really gifts waiting to be used to impact the rest of FHC, a little at a time. 

“I have learned how to encourage and uplift my friends and lead them to the Lord,” Paige said. “I think that translates into the classroom and on the field where I can continue to encourage those around me no matter where I am.” 

The group is strengthening its relationship with the word but also with other members of the group in hopes of creating a new community of people with a variety of differences. 

“I think it brings a lot of joy and happiness, and also like a lot of friendship,” Blough said. “There are people in our study group that I’ve met and I’ve been acquaintances with, but I didn’t really know who they were and now that I see them in our Bible study, I’ve been able to get to know them. [We] have deeper discussions that helps me to get closer with them and I think that’s a really cool relationship.” 

It is safe to say that for this club, relationships take top priority. Although the bonds of friendship formed through MAV are valued, perhaps the most important relationship is the one formed within themselves. The one between their heart and that of another, a higher being, their God. 

“[MAV] has definitely strengthened my relationship with God,” Paige said. “It has made me more willing to just follow what He has for me, and if that is to like lead a Bible study then I’m all in; just being more obedient.”

“I just think it’s a great way to just make myself wake up and do this thing for God and just do it all for him.” 

— Tyler Hoskins

Just like a teacher is constantly learning how to best teach their expertise to their students, the Butterfields are constantly gaining knowledge about their faith from the presence of MAV. 

“It has given me, and everybody who is involved, a community of great people who love Jesus,” Allen explained. “It is teaching many how to be bold in their faith and what it truly means to be a follower of Christ.” 

MAV is building a community at FHC. It is creating another outlet for students to speak freely about what they believe in. 

“It’s just an opportunity for me to like express my faith with people who share the same beliefs as me,” Hoskins said. “So, I just thought it was a great way to put myself out there.” 

In the Bible, mountains and valleys are constantly used as symbols of hope and despair. When life knocks you down or if it lifts you up, through the mountains and valleys of life He promises to always be present. MAV’s purpose is to be a reminder of that promise. 

“I think it’s really important because it just shows how faithful the Lord is and how consistent He is in our life and how He is truly our foundation,” Paige explained. “He supports us through everything.”