Senior Swimmers

The girls swim team celebrates its seniors


Keaton Frye

Freshman Xime Avila dives at the senior night meet on Monday, January 27. Senior Night celebrates the team’s seniors and their time on the team.

On Monday, Jan. 27, the girls swim team held their senior night. The girls swim team celebrated its graduating members, and went on to win the meet. Senior captain Jane Eilers reflected over her performance at the meet. She placed first in her individual events and won both of her relay events.

“I did pretty good, I got first in my individuals and both of my relays won,” Eilers said.

Senior Sydney Taylor also performed well at the swim meet on Monday. Taylor was thrilled about her placement in the meet as well. She placed first in her events, and set a new personal record in her event: the 50 meter freestyle.

“I did really good at senior night, I got first in all my events and I dropped time for the first time in 3 years on my 50 meter free,” Taylor said.

The swim team has had a good season this year. Senior Sam Mossotti recalled with happiness the experience of being on the swim team. She discussed her progress this season.

“This season has gone great for me! I truly can say that I have made the best memories and friends through joining the team. I have dropped time in some of my events and I have improved in my dives and flip turns through the help of my teammates,” Mosotti said.

I feel like I have gotten closer to the team so that has been a positive experience for me.”

— Jane Eilers

This season’s excitement was shared by Eilers as well, as she looked back on the connections she has made with her teammates.

“I feel like I have gotten closer to the team so that has been a positive experience for me,” Eilers reflected.

Senior night, while not the last meet this season, marked the end of high school swim for the seniors. Taylor looked back on her years on the swim team and how she’s improved since joining.

“I think overall I’ve improved my technique of my stroke over the past four years, and I think that’s what has contributed to me dropping time this season,” Taylor said.

Overall, the seniors have had a joyful experience on the swim team, and senior night was a celebration of their time on the team. Mossotti looked back on her time on the team and noted it wasn’t just the sport that made the team a team, but the people.

“I have met so many new friends through this team and because of them I have grown to love the sport even more as well,” Mossotti said.