Prep and Landing

Student Council prepares for the annual Mr. FHC competition with high expectations


Morgan Kromer

Student Council put up this bulletin board featuring some of the contestants. Contestants Ty Nedungadi, Carl Swanson, and Isaiah Henry provided their own pictures to woo the judges.

For the past month, while winter sports have been thriving, Student Council has been planning the annual Mr. FHC contest coming up in March. Mr. FHC is an annual contest to raise money for charities while also allowing male students to show off their talents. 

Junior and Student Council member Lily Chung, expresses the stress that members of Student Council go through to make the event as perfect as possible.

“We need to find boys to do it, make sure they know what to prepare for, we have to create pamphlets, and the boys have to sell the tickets themselves. We also have to ask theatre if they can help with lights and music and we have to ask teachers to be judges,” said Chung. 

However, despite the stress members go through, in the end they all enjoy themselves and are pleased with the final result.

“It’s always fun [planning], especially if you’re working with your friends and once everything is done [you] realize how rewarding it is,” said Chung.

Student Council External Communications Mikayla Aubuchon details the process of finding which boys want to do Mr. FHC and what they do during it.

“For the most part, they actually decide their talent and practice is done on their own time, but we have certain days where we check in,” Aubuchon said.

“We make sure that they have the music going, make sure they know exactly what they’re doing and then there’s a dress rehearsal where we go through and all the guys actually practice like it’s the real thing,” Aubuchon said.

Aubuchon also notes the date of Mr. FHC for anyone who wants to attend.

“It’s March 6th and it’s in the auditorium” Aubuchon said.

It’s just gonna be super fun for us and like I had said, it’s for a good cause”

— Carl Swanson

“We kind of start at the end of January and then it takes until the very last minute to get done prepping,” Aubuchon said.

Participating in Mr. FHC however, is an entirely different adventure than planning for it according to senior Carl Swanson.

“It started my freshman year when my mom had talked to Mrs. Dennigmann about Mr. FHC, so it was kinda forced but, I ended up enjoying it,” Swanson said.

“It’s for a good cause so why not do it for that and just being able to hangout with my friends backstage,” Swanson said.

Swanson gives a brief summary of what his and his friends ‘talent’ is for the upcoming show.

“My friends and I are gonna do a silly little dance this year,” Swanson said.

“It’s just gonna be super fun for us and like I had said, it’s for a good cause,” Swanson said.