Choir Prepares For Three Upcoming Performances

Choir diligently works to get ready for three events coming soon


Isaiah Salin

UNDERSTUDY: While Ms. Baird has a substitute for the hour, Elliot Jenner plays piano and sings in the free time.

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Choir is revving up speed lately as they are preparing for three events, all coming up soon. First, the State Preview Concert on Thursday. Then, the Black History Month assembly on Friday. And last, The District and State music festival on March 7.

The preview concert is exactly as it sounds; it is a preview of the works the FHC choirs will be performing at state. They will be performing songs such as “Flight Song”, “Dixit Dominus”, “Echo of Silence” and “Oh Love”. Eagerly, they have been preparing ever since placements in January. Doors open at 6:00 for this 6:30 concert in the auditorium.

The Black History Month assembly is a smaller event for the concert choir as they will only perform two songs, one being the popular “Lean On Me”. But two songs are worth the tribute they represent. 

The District and State Music Festival to be held at Fort Zumwalt East High School gives students the opportunity to show individual or small group talents, rather than being with their typical large group. Alto and Soprano sophomore Allison Bellerson is working with a small ensemble as she is in chorale, chorus and treble choirs.  

“We have to choose two songs, as a solo, or alone, or as an ensemble, with a bunch of different people that you want to work with. And you prepare it once a week, or in your free time, but we usually get one day in class [a week],” Bellerson said. 

Senior Bass Dakota Dunman, whose ensemble has opted out of participating in the festival, will instead sing the two songs in front of Ms. Baird for their class grade. He specified that the rules are very strict. One must be fast, one slow; one has to be in a different language, the other can be in any language-including english. 

“And you’re going to be graded if you get a one or two, which would be like the highest ones, you can go to state,” Dunman said. 

Seemingly, not many of the students go to the festival. Another Senior, Soprano and Alto Tara Clubb is not going either but has her songs picked out and ready to go.

“I’ve never gone to the festival,” Clubb said.

In fact, many have never gone to the festival and many don’t go to watch, because according to Dunman, Choir should be given as much credit as the sports at FHC, but isn’t. 

“Choir is amazing and under-appreciated.” Dunman Said.

The choir is hard at work behind the scenes all while doing it seamlessly in the foreground.