Quarantine Landslide


Chloe Schwab

The Spartans play strong defense.

As the Lady Spartans have commenced their COVID-style season, they have gone out with a bang. On Thursday, Dec. 17, the girls basketball team took on Fort Zumwalt West. Coming out on top with the ending score of 50-32. From the standpoint of the first-time varsity player Kilee Webster, she thinks the adaptation of a normal season to COVID season has been for the best.

“I do think it has made us stronger as a whole,” Webster said. “It has taught us how to push through the fatigue and tiredness because there were times where we wouldn’t have all the players to practice…basically how to be more mentally tough.” 

Before the mass quarantine, the team was supposed to take on Francis Howell North Knights. But since the girls basketball season is postponed due to numerous positive cases. They will continue their season at the beginning of January.